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Full Moon

My wife and I decided (after a rough day for both of us and a cooking attempt that turned out pretty good but not quite perfect) to stop at a bar for a drink after errands. We ended up in a decent sports bar.

Wrestling was on one of the screens. After we'd been there for a while and were almost done... I noticed a very busty, very scantily clad lady coming into the ring with a pillow. They showed Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong to judges' seats by the ring. A half dozen other women in lingerie with pillows came into the ring and a massive pillowfight/wrestling match ensued. Afterwards, a midget crawled from under the ring and gave them boxes of breakfast cereal to snack on.

The entire bar (all 5 patrons and 2 barkeeps) watched with puzzlement and amusement.

Either I wasn't paying enough attention when I was a kid, or wrestling has kicked it up a notch on the weirdness scale.
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